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The team at Wilkins Hunter always strive to find a candidate their perfect job in the energy and technology industry. To do this we aim to offer a candidate not just one option but multiple options with like minded hiring managers so that they can get a good feel as to what culture and opportunity seems best for them and their future career.

We appreciate that changing jobs isn't always easy and can very much be a change of lifestyle; so we are here every step of the way from your initial application through the interview process and to on-boarding you with your new employer. Our aim is to keep in touch throughout your career as we truly believe in building long-term successful relationships with both candidates and clients alike.

Please feel free to reach out if you want to find out more about what we can do for you.

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Senior Account Executive (North America)

$275k - $350k OTE + Stock + Benefits
Senior Account Executive for North America is required for an important position within a highly innovative software company which specializes in providing solutions for asset-intensive organizations (large $MM deals). A critical role within a talented North America team presenting lots of opportunities to expand your career. 

Staff Engineer / Tech Lead - Cleantech (AI/ML)

$180k - $250k base + Bonus + Significant Equity
Staff Engineer / Tech Lead opportunity for an ex-Google/Stanford founder high-growth startup, applying AI to fight climate change. Based in the Bay area.

Sales Director - Gas Metering

€100,000 fix + 30% variable + Benefits
Sales Director required for an important position within an International Gas Metering business based in Germany.

Full-Stack Software Engineer

$160k - $220k base + Bonus + Stock
Full-Stack Software Engineer required for pivotal position within an already profitable, AI Climate Tech startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area

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